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We can claim your rental deposit back
AND compensation of up to 9 x your deposit

Have you ever paid a deposit to a landlord to rent a residential property and not had it returned when you moved out? There might or might not be good reasons for the landlord withholding some or all of your deposit, and it can be very difficult to claim it back. But if YOUR LANDLORD HAS NOT INSURED YOUR RENTAL DEPOSIT, as is required by the law, then Claim My Rental Deposit can use its legal expertise to help you claim your deposit back and even secure some compensation for you, of up to 9 x the value of your deposit!

What does the Law say?

  • Since the 6th April 2007, any landlord that takes a deposit in regards to a tenancy on residential property is required to protect the deposit by insuring it in one of 3 government approved schemes.
  • The landlord is required to insure/pay the deposit into the scheme within 14 days of the tenant paying the deposit.
  • Where the landlord takes a deposit but does not insure it, the landlord can be taken to court for its return. The court can award a penalty/compensation of up to 3 times the deposit paid for each breech, plus the return of the original amount paid.

Has your landlord insured your rental deposit?

It is estimated that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of landlords who are holding rental deposits illegally because they have not insured them.

If you believe your deposit has not been insured by your landlord, and you are having difficulty getting all or some of your deposit back:


How it works

If your landlord has not insured your deposit, then our experienced CMRD team will take all of the confrontation out of the situation and take over the stressful process of negotiating the return of your deposit plus some compensation with your landlord.


  • All you need to do is fill in a few details on the contact us form.
  • If we believe you have a case we will be in touch and confirm what happens next and how long the process will take. We charge a £20 admin fee to cover costs of searches etc. at this stage which is offset against any compensation achieved.
  • If we win your case, you will receive all of your rental deposit back, plus up to 3 times the amount of your deposit in compensation for each breech.
  • Please Note: We take our fee out of the amount of compensation we win for you, an amount equal to 1/3 of the value of the compensation.

If you think your landlord has not insured
your deposit, Act Now and claim your compensation!


We act on a confidential basis and will keep you updated every step of the way, the process is usually very quick and effective. You will be assigned your personal file manager who will have your case details at their fingertips.


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